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SCR 2022 Aggregate Results

Instead of the expected 10% loss of knowledge from summer slide, our 2022 Results:

SCR-56percent copy.png
Increase in Reading Comprehension
Increase in Word Reading Fluency
SCR-35percent copy.png
Increase in Oral Reading Fluency

SCR Success Stories:

"When Kayla began on her sight word list she scored at 36% accuracy. At the end of week five she completed her word list with 86% accuracy."

"Marley learned 36 new words this week."

"During week 1, Jayden successfully read 388 words from his list. By week 4, he was able to read 636 words correctly from his list."

"Marshae started off  knowing nine sounds. She now knows fifteen and is making progress with sight words."

"The first week Antwan’s reading and comprehension scores were 35% and 45% accuracy. By the third week his scores were 85% and 95%."

"Titus doubled his reading fluency from 42 words per minute to 83 words per minute!"

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